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Dr. Brent Hughey is a neuropsychologist with additional specialization in civil and criminal forensic areas.  Involvement in capacity evaluations began as a post-doctoral fellow in neuropsychology before licensure in 1994 and has because of significant inpatient hospital clientele.  Experience in inpatient, office ,and at-home capacity evaluations evolved with Alameda County Adult Protective Services.  Several presentations in this area include:  

  • Competency Considerations in Neurological and Psychiatric Populations.   Elder & Dependent Adult Abuse Investigations & Prosecutions: Working Together Works Training Seminar (2013)
  • Detecting Early Signs of Dementia, Tri-City Elder Coalition, Fremont, CA (2009)
  • Cognition and Capacity, Presentation to the Alameda County Financial Abuse Specialist Team, Oakland, CA (2005)

Because of his neuropsychological background in areas of traumatic brain injury and stroke rehabilitation as well as other neurological conditions, such as dementias, Dr. Hughey has been involved with criminal evaluations since 1995 and currently is a Court Appointed Examiner for the County of Santa Clara Superior Court since 1997.  He has testified in both competency and criminal cases. 

Finally, as a natural expansion in assessment and treatment, the examiner became a Qualified Medical Examiner (QME) in 1997.

Civil Matters focus on:  

  • Decision-making capacity "Competency Evaluations" for health and financial matters on an inpatient and outpatient basis. 
  • Personal Injury (e.g., traumatic brain injury)

Criminal areas of specialization include:

  • competency to stand trial (California Penal Code 1368/1369(a)) 
  • Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity (California Penal Code 1026/27) 
  • Evaluations to assess for presence of a mental disease or defect to assisting legal counsel (California Evidence Code 1017)

Additional forensic areas include:

  • Workers' Ccompensation Qualified Medical Examiner 
  • Treatment of Injured Workers
  • To contact, call: 877-469-1989 or email at:  hughey@neuropsychalliance.com